Solarpro Holding

Solarpro Holding is a leading provider of various solutions for generation, systems integration and storage of solar energy. The company is the largest EPC and O&M player in the photo-voltaic industry in Eastern Europe, with significant presence in other main EU markets, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal etc. The Group started its PV business in 2007, with total installed capacity of about 6 GWp to date and with over 1000 highly-skilled employees. In addition to being a general contractor and construction service provider, Solarpro has very strong Project Development and R&D capacity.

The Company is very active in structuring self-consumption PV projects for its industrial and commercial clients, applying long-term rental agreements (Solar as a service – SaaS) or Private Power Purchase Agreements (Private PPAs). Utility-scale energy storage systems, Ultra-fast charging stations and digital integration with the energy management systems of the clients are also among the core competences of the Solarpro team.

  • Vision – Innovative system integrator on the decentralized market of production, storage and consumption of energy.
  • Mission – Affordable energy for all by smart innovative systems and cost-effective solutions using the power of the sun.
  • Business model – High environment and quality standards, cooperation with our clients and care for their investments.


500 MW


6 GW


600 MW





With our team of dedicated engineers and skilled workers we deliver quality solutions across variety of customers. The entire team from design to installation have a professional approach to every single case, no matter if it is a large-scale PV project or a small residential rooftop system.

Solarpro team - engineering


As specialists in design and engineering of photovoltaic projects, our civil, electrical and design engineers are focused to providing energy estimation, performance-oriented simulations, selection of the best performing equipment, detailed design, re-design and optimization.

Solarpro team - procurements


We continue to work closely with our well-established supply chain in order to remain a key player within the commercial PV industry. Our Cross-selling business model enables us to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

Solarpro team - construction


Our team of 200 workers has vast experience in providing turn-key installation services being engaged in multimegawatt Solar projects worldwide. Our trusted installations of different kinds of fix-tilt and tracking systems could be seen in Europe and MENA.

Solarpro business - Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

We offer OM packages customized to serve each customer’s need. Our team of 80 engineers and technicians will identify your needs and offer the most suitable package including system monitoring, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, troubleshooting and forecasting.

Solarpro Holding Milestones

Established in 2007, Solarpro Holding is a leading CEE company in the field of renewable energy with significant presence in 6 countries within Eastern Europe and operating capacity on a global level. The notched-up milestones and the sustainable growth of the company are achieved due to the long-term strategy of the management to create disruptive innovations in the smart energy sector.

2007 - 2008 The first solar module is produced in the facility of Solarpro Holding
2009 Development of Solarpro’s infrastructure for design, installation and maintenance of PV plants
2010 - 2011 Over 80 MWp power plants commissioned in Bulgaria
  Certification according to European standard “Safety class 2” for ground mounted PV parks
2013-2014 Branches in Macedonia and Romania
  Commissioning of PV plants
  Providing maintenance services in these countries
2015 Launching of Smart city Project
  Innovative R&D projects related to DC coupled PV solutions
2016 Systems for self-consumption
  PV solutions for water heating
  Energy storage systems
2017 EPC Projects in Hungary
  Charging stations for EV commissioned
  Worldwide construction services
2017-2018 Start of Solarpro Construction
  Energy Trading
  50+Charging stations for EC commissioned
2018-2019 Start in Poland
  SP Construction - over 200 MW build

Certification & Conformity

Implemented in conformity with Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management – ISO 45001:2015, AQPV Certificate