Meet the Team: Bence Zsolt Szobota

Meet Bence Zsolt Szobota, a skilled Project Manager with a background in oil and gas engineering who followed his instincts and transitioned into the renewable energy sector. He currently works as a Project Manager at Solarpro Energy Hungary, where he uses his unique perspective and experience to approach challenges in innovative ways, making him an invaluable asset to the Solarpro team. Learn more about him and his career path below.

Tell us more about your role in Solarpro
As a Project Manager I am searching for solutions to unexpected problems every day – it is mostly exciting and developing, but sometimes needs persistence. In the existing 2×50 MW AC project, our primary challenge was meeting the exceptionally high quality expectations for the installation as well as managing to turn on the grid connection on time just before Christmas last year. However, through persistent and collaborative teamwork on site, we were able to achieve this goal, which felt like nothing short of a miracle given the numerous obstacles we faced throughout the project timeline.

How does an average day on the job look like for you?
My responsibilities are diverse, encompassing various tasks. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people and establishing relationships, which forms a significant part of my day as I communicate through various platforms such as email, chat, and phone. Apart from this, I also focus on problem-solving and working on task solutions.
In addition, I am responsible for generating reports and creating quality documentation that include complex and detailed data. This involves creating different types of schedules, meeting summaries, coordinating designs, solving purchasing tasks, collaborating with the site team, and negotiating with clients.

When did you start working in Solarpro?
I hold a Master’s degree in Earth Science Engineering with a specialization in oil and gas engineering. Prior to joining Solarpro in February 2022, I gained five years of experience in project engineering and management in a multinational company. My responsibilities there included managing turn-key factory production line relocation and installation projects, both from a mechanical and electrical standpoint.
I would like to highlight one aspect that I particularly appreciate about working at Solarpro, which is the calm and kind demeanor of the management team. I came across the opportunity to work at Solarpro through LinkedIn.

What motivates you to work within the renewable sector?
After my previous role I was motivated to work in the renewable sector. However, as an oil and gas engineer by training, I followed my instincts and pursued opportunities in this field. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to channel my energy towards something that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and beneficial for the planet.

What are the most important skills to bring to your position?
In my view being persistent during challenging times is quite important as well as staying focused and not allowing the distractions in. Being kind and open minded towards team members is essential. And, of course, precision and detail orientation are important during calculations and document creation.

How do you think the PV industry will change in the next few years?
Considering the EU’s 2030 targets, now we are in the boom of this market, thereby I see increasing opportunities for next years. However, in the long term, specifically in the Hungarian market, I believe we will eventually reach the installation limits that have been set by the government.

What are your interests outside of work?
I practice meditation to get back in balance and it helps me as well in stress relief. In addition I like doing bodyweight training, mountain biking, hiking, reading, dancing, living social life with friends and family.

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