Meet the Team: Kiril Dimitrov

To your attention – Kiril Dimitrov, Senior Project Engineer at Solarpro, who shares more about the tasks and challenges of the designing PV plants.

Tell us more about your role in Solarpro
As part of the Design Department, I am involved in the entire process of designing a PV power plant – from the site survey, through the preparation of a layout and the preparation of full technical documentation on the electrical part. This activity is accompanied by maintaining contact between the different designers (structural, architectural, etc.), to successfully finalizing the project, according to the desires of the investor and the current regulations in Bulgaria and abroad.

How does an average day on the job look like for you?
It highly depends on the current tasks. Most days I am involved in the preparation of the electrical design of a photovoltaic plant. Some days are spent considering and preparing the basic structure of the plant, running simulations, and evaluating various options in search of the optimal solution. Of course, we must not exclude site visits, as well as working with colleagues from other departments. In summary, my day can be highly variable.

What are the most important skills to bring to your position?
The most important thing is a solid base of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. Nevertheless, motivation, teamwork, and the desire to expand your knowledge every day are a must.

What are the most common challenges you face in your work?
Challenges can range from finding the optimal techno-economic solution for a problem to maneuvering between several projects at once. In either case high attention is required to achieve the desired results.

When did you start working in Solarpro?
I started working at Solarpro in beginning of 2022. Before that, I had been working as a relay protection engineer for the Bulgarian transmission system operator (TSO), where the work was also very challenging. However, my desire to work in a more dynamic environment played a key role and when I found out about the newly opened opportunity to become part of the Solarpro team I didn’t hesitate.

What motivates you to work within the renewable sector?
My interest in the renewable energy sector has varied since my first year as a student. Later, I participated in several student research sessions with papers focused on inverter-based technologies, and so I began to gradually enter this field. At a later stage, I became a Ph.D. student at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering at TU-Varna with a topic entirely focused on the inverter-based technologies in question. After my interview with my current supervisor at Solarpro and his assurance to work in a positive and motivated team, I decided that this was the right place, both as a position and as a field to continue my career development path. And working with motivated and positive people is always a pleasure, and when one enjoys the work – no additional motivation is needed.

How do you think the PV industry will change in the next few years?
It is extremely difficult to make any predictions about the progress of such a dynamic sector. An example of this is the rapid technological development in the last few years, as well as the increasingly firm stance of leading countries on the integration of renewable energy systems into our life.
In any case, I believe that technology will continue to develop at an increasing rate. The energy produced from renewable sources will represent a growing share of the total energy mix. This would lead to the need for increased participation of plants using renewable energy technologies in the control of the energy system. This in turn will lead to even greater demands on them, thus increasing the challenges for all professionals in this field and beyond.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a job in renewables / to start a job in your position?
To be goal-oriented, and willing to learn every day. In such a fast-growing sector, this is more than a requirement.

What are your interests outside of work?
To spend time with my loved ones. I also like to be active during my off hours, which makes a Sunday football game with friends mandatory. Of course, time spent with a good book is never wasted time either.

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