Nadezhda Haralambieva

In the third part of our “Meet the Team” series we are happy to introduce you to one of our brightest SCADA Engineers – Nadezhda Haralambieva. Learn more about her and her experience below.

Tell us more about your role in Solarpro
As part of the SCADA team, my role is to keep the PV plants “alive” – to be available in the monitoring portals, because if they are offline and we don’t have data from them the O&M department can’t do they job.

How does an average day on the job look like for you?
Every day is different for the SCADA team – our work depends on the design and construction team and the О&M department’s work depends on ours’. First is the construction and electrical design of the PV plant, next is the monitoring design.

What’s the most important skill to bring to your position?
Maybe it’s the multitasking. One day we are designing a new plant’s monitoring system but suddenly there is a problem on another one and you need to solve it, the next day you need to do commissioning on a third plant. Usually our days are very dynamic – so multitasking and fast switching between tasks and projects is very important, because sometimes the one common thing between the projects is only that they are PV plants.

What are the typical challenges you face in your role?
Nowadays the technologies are evolving every day and we need to be flexible and to keep up with the trends in our sector. We have to find the best way to unite all the systems in one which is available and useful for the O&M department and for the clients.

Why did you choose solar energy? What motivates you to work within the renewable sector?
Before I started working in Solarpro I knew almost nothing about solar energy and renewables. I only knew that they are producing energy. Renewable energy is abundant and stable. Unlike finite fossil fuels, renewable energy is, in theory, infinite. In addition, renewable energy sources are not highly reactive like fossil fuels and radioactive energy plants, providing increased safety for those who work there.

What are your interests outside of work?
My passion outside work is baking. Baking calms me down and helps me to switch off working mode, because very often I think about the projects even after I’ve finished work.

How and when did you start working in Solarpro?
I started work in Solarpro on 18th June 2018. I saw a job advertisement and I decided it was time for a new challenge, because at that time I knew almost nothing about PV plants.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a job in renewables?
Just do it – the industry continues to grow – which means more jobs and for me that is the future of the global energy.

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