Tsvetan Ivanov - Construction Director Netherlands

Tsvetan Ivanov has been a valued member of the Solarpro team for a few years now and with his dedication to clean energy he has made his way to the position of Construction Director for the Netherlands. What are the responsibilities that come with that job, what it takes to manage multiple projects at once and still have a healthy work-life balance you can learn below.

Tell us more about your role in Solarpro
I have overall responsibility for the successful conclusion of the construction projects. It is very important to manage the schedules of work and delegate tasks to the teams to ensure that the work is completed on time and within budget to a high standard. The most enjoyable thing about being a construction director is the dynamic of the work. Not one day is like the other, each new one has its different challenges, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing the completion of a project.

How does an average day on the job look like for you?
A day might involve a visit to site, or several sites, review of program progress, reviewing financials and contract administration, meetings with clients and design teams and liaising with sub-contractors.

What’s the most important skill to bring to your position?
I believe that flexibility, problem solving and dedication are the most important skills.

What are the typical challenges you face in your role?
The greatest challenge I face in my role is to coordinate the works between the different projects, which includes time and resource planning, proper communication with providers, clients and the project teams. Also, sometimes working in foreign countries can be a challenge to provide all the necessary resources to secure the projects. There are always time pressures, budgets to manage and often having to deal with unexpected changes in scope. However, the best part of the role is seeing the actual finished product.

Why did you choose solar energy? What motivates you to work within the renewable sector?
I have been interested in solar energy since I studied it at university back in 2006. I was lucky to meet some of the best professors in Bulgaria, who gave me invaluable knowledge of solar energy. After my graduation, I started working in the solar sector on different solar projects all around the world. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors of the power industry and in the last few years have seen exponential growth in investment. It is good to know that you are helping for clean energy future.

How and when did you start working in Solarpro?
I’ve been working for Solarpro since 2017. A friend of mine who was already working in the company called me about an open position. Fortunately, the interview went well and I accepted the new challenge. Some key factors made an impression on me, the positive working environment, empathy and overall understanding between the colleagues. I believe that those are the key factors for the success of the company.

What are your interests outside of work?
The healthy work-life balance is quite important in order to feel fulfilled and content in both areas of my life. That’s why I always try to have some time for the things that I enjoy, spending some time with my family and friends, travelling, doing photography and sports.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a job in renewables?
Go for it!

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