Solarpro Holding AD - Hydrogen for climate action

Solarpro Holding AD is pleased to have joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance at the end of Sep. 20, an initiative recently launched by the European Commission. The Alliance’s main agenda is to support the development of a clean and globally competitive hydrogen industry in Europe.

Solarpro Holding (SPH) is a leading Installer and Innovator in the Europe PV sector, representing 12 companies with significant presence in 10 countries.

Recently SPH has established a separate business line “Hydrogen and Energy Storage Systems”, recognizing the vast potential of this field. The company is already at the forefront of developments for the production of green hydrogen from photovoltaic systems.

“We look forward to bringing to the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance our expertise in integrating PV into Hydrogen generation and storage systems. We see great potential in the technology to manage the seasonality factor of PV production. We are open to collaborate with the key players from the private and public sectors so as to achieve Europe being the first climate neutral continent by 2050.”, stated Mr. Konstantin Nenov – CEO of Solarpro Holding.

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