Aleksandar Yosifov - Senior HR Expert at Solarpro Holding

Solarpro is happy to announce the next step towards the digitalization of the company with the implementation of a new HR management system in the following months. Aleksandar Yosifov, Senior HR Expert at Solarpro Holding, tells us more about Zoho People, its capabilities and how it will change the work process in the company.

What is Zoho People and how does it work?
Zoho People is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) designed to help organizations improve their HR activities such as giving access to information, manage team development and performance, coordinate processes dealing with annual or sick leaves, promotion, etc.

How did the decision to start using it within Solarpro came about?
In the last 3-4 years Solarpro has grown rapidly not only with commissioned projects but also in number of employees. For example, only in administration departments around different locations in the group we count more than 150 employees. Centralized HRMS is an innate way to respond to such growth if you want keep your HR processes sustainable and to effectively manage people development and help them improve their performance. Тhis is also part of the company strategy to digitalize key activities and processes.

How is the implementation of the software going so far?
The software has a few implementation phases – first we started with defining the scope and modules which has to be integrated in order to satisfy the existing needs. After that we started uploading different information concerning employees such as names, positions, date of joining the company and so on. After that we had to set up different processes such as requests, appraisal cycles and others. In July we plan to give access to the system to some departments and test how the system will behave. At the same time we will start training colleagues and show them how get the most out of it.

How does Zoho People help you in your work as an HR specialist?
The system will help us set some new processes and improve some of the existing ones. For example, with it we will introduce the competency model approach. For simplicity think of it as a set of skills, such as technical skills specific for every position and soft skills (such as communication, leadership, etc.) common for most of the positions in the company. With such new approaches and processes we will help the HR department serve better the company strategy and be closer to employees’ needs.

How will Zoho People change the average day of a Solarpro employee?
With Zoho People we will improve decision making, internal communication, and make company and management expectations clearer and more concise. This will help colleagues stay focused on their annual and quarterly goals. With its different modules team members will be able to track their improvement toward goals and receive feedback from peers, leaders or subordinates. All of this will help them be more effective and develop as professionals.

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