Solarpro site team visits at Razlog, Bulgaria

As a part of an initiative aimed to introduce the technical aspects of the construction and functioning of a PV power plant, Solarpro has organized several visits for its employees to the 33 MWp site of Razlog in Bulgaria.

Earlier this week Tsvetan Ivanov, Chief Technical Officer in Solarpro Construction, and Kalin Kalinov, Project Manager in Solarpro Holding, led a tour of colleagues on site, getting them acquainted with the necessary steps and equipment for the construction and operation of a PV plant of this scale.

Solarpro site team visits at Razlog, Bulgaria

The tours are attended by representatives of different departments, including Bidding, Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Administration and others. The participants are introduced to an overview of the entire project management process as well as insight into all phases of construction, testing and commissioning and the consecutive operation and maintenance after completion.

The goal of these tours is not only to familiarize each department with what happens behind the scenes of a PV project but also to help everyone to better understand the many factors that influence their day-to-day duties.

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