Stoyan Turlakov, Head of Human Resource Management at Solarpro

Stoyan Turlakov, Head of Human Resource Management at Solarpro, takes a moment to look back on last year’s challenges, this year’s priorities and what’s next in line for the company in the next few months.

The past year changed most people’s lives dramatically, how has the pandemic affected the recruitment process in Solarpro?
Despite the serious challenges and the global pandemic, in 2020 Solarpro managed to successfully enter four new markets in Europe – the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal. Understandably, as a result of this expansion, the company continued to expand its team. For the process of selection of employees we use mainly different means of remote communication and coordination, because the health and safety of the team are our main priority at the moment.

What practices have helped you successfully integrate new employees online?
From the beginning of last year till present day, all employees go through a process of selection and integration in the company almost or entirely remotely. The success of this endeavor is due to the fact that each new employee is paired with a mentor in the first months of work who has the responsibility to introduce them to the company’s activities and the specifics of the workplace. Together they become a team that independently determines the pace and schedule of communication and tasks.

What are the most important qualities you’re looking for in a candidate?
The renewable energy sector is dynamic in terms of market development – it is growing with double digits annually and additionally technology is constantly evolving. Solarpro continues to enter new markets and it is crucial for us to monitor and implement the latest technologies and innovations worldwide. These are the two main reasons to look for people who are willing to learn new things and develop as experts, individuals who love dynamic work and are not afraid of change. Also, we at Solarpro follow the model of setting goals and deadlines, and employees are responsible for the result without micromanaging.

What are Solarpro’s priorities as an employer in 2021?
This year we have planned to focus on two areas in HR: integration of a digital system for performance management and investment in employee training with a focus on new technologies and improvement of personal skills and competencies. We believe that both lines will be the engine for the development of employees and the company.

Solarpro operates across multiple European markets, what are some exciting projects to look forward to by the end of this year?
Solarpro will continue with the full implementation of projects for the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, both in the countries where we operate and in entirely new markets in Europe and the Middle East. Regardless of the scale (commercial or industrial), construction technology (loan, roof or floating), as well as the type of transaction (EPC, Private PPA, LTRA), the company will rely on its projects of the latest generation of technologies, including systems for storage and management of electricity. Certainly 2021 will be even more challenging than the previous one, because the philosophy of the company and the people in it is focused on an innovative approach and thinking.

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