Whistleblowing Channel – Solarpro Technology

Do you suspect unethical behaviour in our organisation or want to send us any feedback? Use our whistleblowing channel.

Our company values ethical behaviour and mutual respect. In case you witness unethical behaviour that is difficult to discuss personally, we have established a whistleblowing channel. Through this channel, you can safely send reports of illegal or unethical behaviour, improvement suggestions, questions, or any feedback.

All reports are handled by designated persons in our organisation. Information sent through the whistleblowing channel is completely secure and there is no risk of retaliation.

How to send a report correctly?

  • Always send true information
  • Be as specific as possible – describe the situation and individuals involved in detail

Stay in touch

We would be happy if you stay in touch with us. We may ask for more information and also inform you of the resolution of your report. So, safely save the key to your report, which will be displayed after sending the report. You can return to the report at any time with this key.

Is something bothering you or do you have ideas on how things could improve?
Use this link to safely and anonymously report concerns