SOLAR Energy

Executed and operating more than 300 PV plants – some among the region’s largest and most challenging, but all consistently achieving top performance.

Strong engineering team that provides deep analysis, from simulations through detailed grid studies, using state-of-the- art software solutions to achieve optimal performance.

Large in-house construction capacity that covers civil, mechanical and electrical works following strict QHSE policies.

SOLAR Energy
WIND Energy

WIND Energy

Dedicated to 24/7 wind farm monitoring, precision rotor blade services, and thorough structural repairs as well as comprehensive reporting and scheduled maintenance.

Proactive approach, staff dedicated to maintain a zero- accident vision.

Highest standards of service and safety in the renewable energy sector.

Battery Energy STORAGE Systems (BESS)

As a pioneer with the first BESS project of 55 MWh, we expand our track record in Europe exponentially. We are involved in the engineering and executing of (in-house). Solarpro Core Advantage:

  • Engineering
  • Integration and commissioning
  • SCADA digital platform (EMS) allowing multiple applications of the BESS
  • Successful integration of PV and Wind
Battery Energy STORAGE Systems


Industrial facility for reuse and recycle lithium based batteries, PV modules, cables and electronic scrap:

  • technological process solution for electricity storage from used lithium-ion battery modules from electric vehicles and reconfiguring into a new Battery Energy Storage System for stationary purposes.
  • recycling of lithium based batteries /out of use/.
  • recycling of PV modules, cables, metal and electronic scrap from construction and O&M of PV and Wind projects.

SCADA and Energy Management Platform

Solarpro’s team will identify and provide the most suitable monitoring solution for your power plant taking into account its specific technical characteristics and needs at the most cost efficient ratio.

  • Performance analysis, trends and reports
  • Forecasting
SCADA energy management platform
Solarpro – leading CEE company

in the field of renewable energy with significant presence in
Eastern Europe and operating capacity on a global level