Solarpro wins 50MWp PV project in Oslomej, Republic of Northern Macedonia

Solarpro Holding AD Sofia was selected as partner for establishing a PPP (public-private partnership) for BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) scheme for one of two photovoltaic power plants at the location of an old mine in REK Oslomej. The photovoltaic power plant will have an installed capacity of up to 50 MWp. The selection was made after live auction bidding on 16.04.2021, in a competitive procedure between three international companies.

“I would like to congratulate our future partner ESM for obtaining such excellent results out of the tender. I would like to congratulate the Government of Republic of Northern Macedonia for organizing such competitive procedure and showing to the whole South East European region, with practical examples, how the old polluted coal mine areas can create well paid jobs and produce clean energy at competitive market price”, said Mr. Konstantin Nenov, CEO of Solarpro Holding Group. “Our final winning bid was 18% of the future revenue in favor of the public partner or 80% higher than the starting level of 10% required in the auction. As part of the auction terms, in addition to the revenue split, we will offer 50 jobs to the former miners in the region. We are very proud to be selected and we will do our best to provide an excellent technological solution for sustainable partnership.” added Mr. Nenov.

This is the second sizable investment of Solarpro in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, after winning the tender for construction of a Solar Power Plant of 10MWp, in the village of Manastirec, Makedonski Brod in 2020.
The company is one leading clean energy platforms in Eastern Europe, where it offers a full range of renewable energy services including investments in generation assets, project development and construction services, operations and maintenance, balancing and trading, energy storage, etc.

In Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, Solarpro operates complete renewable energy platforms, with over 150 MWp own projects in construction and 500 MWp + projects in development. The company is a leader in offering long term PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements), long term lease agreements for SaaS (Solar as a Service) and various other solutions for corporate sourcing of green energy and improving ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings.

As a general contractor and construction services provider, Solarpro Holding group is a global player with over 3000 MWp of installed capacity PV projects, completed on five continents to date. The group employs on a full time basis over 1000 highly skilled employees. Particularly strong is the presence with construction services on some of the key EU markets – Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal.

“After the Oslomej auction, in two years the generating sources on our platform in the Republic of Northern Macedonia will be over 80 MWp installed capacity. This will allow us to serve the needs of green energy of industrial consumers in the country. During the last month we see growing demand for green energy and fixed price long term PPA’s from industrial consumers, as a hedge against power market volatility”, said Alexander Petreski, CEO of Solarpro Holding in Northern Macedonia.”At the moment, in Northern Macedonia we have a balance group of over 450 companies that we supply with electricity and we are the only energy company on the market in Skopje that offers green energy solutions to its customers” added Mr. Petreski.

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